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With Over 15 Years Of Experience, We Provide Professional Financial Planning Services. We Do It All, From Retirement Planning To Personal Financial Planning. With In-Depth Knowledge Needed To Help You Make Sound Financial Decisions, We Help You Set Achievable Goals For Your Financial Future. We Are A State-Registered Wealth Management Firm That Will Help You Create, Protect, and Manage Your Wealth With Total Confidence.

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Make Your Retirement Count

Contact an experienced fiduciary in St. Petersburg, FL, who serves Dunedin, FL, and surrounding areas. The whole purpose of retirement is to finally relax and live a stress-free lifestyle. However, if you don't have the finances to sleep soundly at night, your retirement could be a bumpy ride. Rely on Florio Wealth Management, LLC, for retirement planning services in St. Petersburg or Dunedin, FL. Our expert retirement planning advisors will help you reduce your financial risks and other personal uncertainties by suggesting investments that provide a financially stable life in your golden years. We'll assist you in planning your retirement years ahead of time so you're ready for whatever life throws at you.

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Retirement Planning Services

Florio Wealth Management provides guidance and advice on retirement focused financial planning. We help you determine, what actions and decisions must be taken to achieve your financial goals for retirement. Our retirement planning includes analyzing current sources of income, implementing a tax savings program, estimation of expenses, and proper management of assets and risk.

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Estate Planning Services

Florio Wealth Management's financial planning consultants put customers first by making recommendations for their long-term objectives. Our company also takes care of clients’ assets, which will be in safe hands after the incapacitation or death of an individual. As professionals, we understand the intricacies & other aspects of estate planning services, which includes inventorying your valued possessions, accounting for your family’s needs, establishing directives, reviewing beneficiaries, complying with the state’s estate tax laws, and planning for reassessment.

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Personal Financial Planning Services

We at Florio Wealth Management offer the tools for a successful financial life by ensuring that you reach your financial goals.
We offer assistance by guiding you & managing your finances in a way that you are secure in facing all future challenges.
Our services include creating a budget, planning for taxes, building an emergency fund, managing debt, protection with legal and securing investments.
We are personal financial planning service provider with extensive experience in managing all necessary funds.

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Why a fiduciary?

The importance of working with a fiduciary adviser is simple to understand. The fiduciary advisor is legally obligated to put their clients' financial interests above their own. They must also disclose how they're compensated so that they can avoid potential conflicts of interest that could affect the recommendations they make.

Jim Florio
Investment Advisor Representative

National Social Security Advisor

James M. Blasser
Certified College Advisor

Signing Agent

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Please feel free to contact our friendly staff with any medical enquiry.


What are clients saying?

Over the years, we've developed a strong relationships with all of clients and helped them achieve their financial goals. Here’s what our clients are saying about us.

“It has been a pleasure working with Jim. My husband and I are able to retire at 60 because of the financial plan created by Florio Wealth Management. Also, Florio Wealth Management takes their fiduciary responsibility seriously. There were several times Jim steered us away from an investment that would have been in his best interest but not ours. Integrity like that is rare to come by these days. ”

Kathryn F.

CEO Manager

“James Florio and James Blasser are a great team that helped my wife and I to stay on track in retirement. They are patient and truly concerned about individualizing a plan and customizing it based on your wants and needs. They are very honest and don't try and sell you. They are great listeners who will put their time in your plan. We highly recommend that you set up an appointment with them and hear what they can do for you.”

Gary Patane

CEO Manager

“It was great to work with Jim as I reinvested my retirement. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Florio Wealth Management”

Amy Hiteman

CEO Manager

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Florio Wealth Management, LLC

Florio Wealth Management, LLC is owned and operated by our president, James Florio. As a experienced fiduciary and investment advisor representative, James is more than qualified to help you create the perfect financial plan for your future. His passion for helping seniors and veterans make well-informed financial decisions, which makes our company so special. Our advisor provides you with the resources, advice, and dedication you need to manage and grow your wealth.
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